Watch Our Great South African Leader …

… not getting infected with coronavirus:

See, Messrs Trump and Pence, that’s how you react to a global pandemic! Being a good citizen yourself and lead by example rather than by lying and downplaying the danger.

Not like you two vain better-than-thou monkees! 😮

Yes, I know South Africa is an insignificant shithole, and I bet Ramaphosa knows it too. But he doesn’t let that stop him from doing the right thing. He even admits the worst is yet to come while you stupidos are trying to conduct business as usual. But these are not usual times! Sorry, did the coronavirus fuk with your plans, disturbed your business and politics as usual?

Apes with apps: Trump

Sorry, again, try as hard as you might, guys, the fukn virus is stronger than you. Stonger than  anybody! Stronger even than the US military power as we’ve seen it happening on your nuclear carriers. And you two hapless fecks can’t even bring it over you to wear a protective mask for a couple minutes during a hospital visit? Is your own population worth so little to you, you don’t even find it necessary to show them how to behave like a decent human being during a lifethreatening pandemic?

Fuk off!

… and Pence

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