Question for My Readers


When I compose a blogstory, it looks like so:

Those photos are copypasted off the interwebz, not saved locally or at my GooglePhotos thingy.
Hubby can’t see them on his computer. 😮

How would you describe your viewing experience: Like Orca’s or rather stupid like hubby’s? If a majority of you guys can’t view my shit as intended, I gotta find a new way to put pics up on my bloggo. :/

Just for clarification: Hubby is on Archman OS, a ArchLinux distro similar to my Endeavour, and he views everything on a 15.6″ lame ass low res 1366×768 display. That’s why the dimensions look so different from machine to machine. But that’s not why the photos don’t show at all. He disabled all security settings, so his laptop should show everything! Everything but his loved wife’s shit. 😦

Please pleeez answer in comments. Down there.





  1. Hi Orca, I went to the page you screenshotted, and those images aren’t showing up for me either. When I hover over the placeholder box and right-click and bring up the Inspector, those images all seems to be hotlinked to Startpage, so that might be the problem. I always grab the image and upload it to the media gallery of my blog when I’m writing posts. Hope that helps.

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    • Yes, they are links to Startpage (I don’t use Google coz reasons), and I thought those links should also show up in my readers machines. 😦 Oh jeez, now I must save every little shitty pic? You guys are missing millions of my bestest posts! 😮

      Thx for letting me know, Super


  2. I’ve been seeing little broken image icons on lots of your stuff for over a week. It happened on my blog yesterday. I isolated the bug (upload) and a work-around (afyer this paragraph). I tried to submit a bug report but wp denies my login

    The problem appears to be that the upload image process is not completing. When I selected the bad image in my post, it asked if I wanted to stop uploading, even though it was already done. When I selected Yes, it gave me an error about already being complete. To fix, I used backspace to delete the image then re-inserted it from my media library. Resaved and all was fine.

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    • Oh, believe me, this shit goes on since longer than a week, and usually pics are showing on my computer only for a day or two until they also turn into those broken images. But that’s exclusively with pics I don’t upload but just copypasta from the interwebz. Stuff I upload stays stable in the blog.
      I guess that’s system imminent with WP.


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