Windows Marketshare Declines While Ubuntu Numbers Up 700 Percent!

LOL! 🙂 How often did we hear such overly optimistic messages already? Too many times, right?

But watch this video with real numbers by Derek from DistroTube and find out what leads to Windows’ decline and Linux’, particularly Ubuntu’s, gain:

Since the pandemic started, Microsoft Windows has seen a decline in marketshare while alternative operating systems such as MacOS and Linux are seeing greater adoption. Also, Microsoft is starting to port some of it’s software over to Linux including the Edge browser and the Office suite.

It seems not only TSB! readers but the whole world has listened to Orca and is using the fact they’re sitting around at home, bored out of their skulls, to play around with alternative computer systems. Happy to have escaped the offices, they are suddenly free to use operating systems more tailored to their own needs.

And let’s not forget most of them idiots flocked to Apple as their private machines. :/ Out of the frying pan into the fire. 😮

But 700% UP for Ubuntu! That is something!

Too bad Ubuntu is so shitty and people aren’t half as cool as they think they are. But hopefully many of them will sooner or later figure out that the Linux universe is much bigger than lame Ubuntu and they could have it so much better. And they will switch to Debian and Arch! 🙂




    • Neil, Mate is always good, no matter on what distro you run it! I still prefer Mint’s version or any of the Archies I’d used so far. Because Mate looks and operates like Mate, always the same, just adorably humble and light and hard working, still not missing any luxuries. Not even Ubu can fuk it up. 🙂

      But we’re talking about Ubuntu Mate. Ever noticed how Canonical keeps all their versions apart from each other? Kubuntu and Xubuntu and all the others are NOT Ubuntu by Canonical’s own definition. So when Derek says Ubuntu went up 700% we have to assume it’s just the bog standard Ubu with Gnome 3.

      I always wonder how can people be so one-track-minded? They think they wanna try Linux, remember they’ve heard something about Ubuntu … and that’s it then! 😮 No research, no other ideas, no alternatives. When I was totally new, before I even installed my first Linux, I was the same. So I typed Ubuntu into my search engine, and voila, 5 minutes later I was absolutely sure I’d be better off with Mint. And using Xfce instead of the ungainly Unity. I had absolutely no clue about shit, not even installed any Linux yet and no idea how I could “burn” the ISO image on my USB thumbdrive – but I knew for sure that Linux doesn’t start nor ends with Ubuntu. At least I knew there was a rebel gang who made a better, more userfriendly fork off Ubuntu, called Mint. Guess what was my first system? Mint 14 (Ubu12.04) from late 2012. I completely skipped the mandatory Ubuntu step, everybody thinks they have to suffer thru before branching out to greener pastures.

      Yes, 700% is huge! Uhm, hmmm … considering Linux/Ubuntu’s marketshare it’s still neglectable, don’t you think?


      • It’s small amount of total users but a 7 fold uptake for Ubuntu will drive development surely? My first Linux was knoppix an early live disk. I found some old ubuntu version 8 disks I burnt whilst clearing my shed the other day. I must have used Linux for a long time along side everything else. Dedian was probably my first install. Tried dozens over the years. Cinnamon is my favourite GUI. As I am not into the politics of operating systems, I tend to go with what’s easy to use. I have to use windows at work.

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        • Yeah, Cinnamon is a good one. I think of it as Mate’s more sexy, younger sister. And lately it became considerably faster too. I’m a holdout for Mate, but should that ever go away I’d be sooooo so so on Cinnabon. 😉

          And, hey, I’m not into the politcs of oeprating systems neither but I’m into politics. And since Microsoft and Apple both are not known to be very socially minded, but often using halfways criminal …. American methods to cement their marketshare and profit margin, I’m already drawn to Linux for that reason alone.


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