When Cosplay goes too Faaaaaaar! :o

Rich and Stupid

Okeee, let’s see. They got a hummer, which aren’t the cheapest and most ecolologically sane cars ever + a custom paint job + a summer house in – very expensive – Sweden. Which shows us they have some financial means. And the pretty self-declaring paintjob on the Hummer should’ve made it clear that this ain’t a forceful invasion of Sweden by Germany. So, as border patrol I’d roflmao’d, wished them much fun and winked them through.

OTOH … are those real guns??? The fuk? I mean, how stupid must those gerries have been to ever think it’s okay to cross an international border with real fukn guns in their car. Why not paint NAZI PARTY and some swastikas on the humvee right away, you dumfux? You assholes bought  a summer house there, so you must have known that the Swedes can be the nicest poeple on earth – but react rather negative to Nazi invasions!

Another fine example that money doesn’t give you better taste nor does it make you a more cleverer person. 😮

So it’s as always: The zombiecalypse is all fun and games … until the authorities step in! And Sverige Polisen is about as humourless as police forces are everywhere around the world. Just because they sell fancyful happy furniture and tank-like cars doesn’t mean they are all relaxed all the time. 😦

This is a wrong image of Sverige

Oh, btw, lifting of the lockdown in Germany …

Not McDonald’s but IKEA is what they want! Ja, those meatballs are irresistible.

What’s wrong with people? Lockdown is partially over … and your first activity is getting a new sofa from IKEA??? So you can spend even more time hunkered down in house arrest? What is your motivation, what makes funiture so essential you gotta stand in line for it? Got a furniture emergency?


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