Society is More Depressing than Black Mirror?

And Black Mirror has always been known as the heart of the party! \o/ Hoo! Wee! \o/

Don’t we just lovelovelove Black Mirror? The clever stories, the *gulps setups, the often unhappy endings. Yes, it’s dystopia unfathomable for the human mind … so we thought. And, as so often, we thought wrong. 😦 Current state of society is so bad not even the pretty darkminded Charlie Brooker, can go on with his unfunny little stories because not even his mind could come up with scenarios comparable to the current sorry state of the world. at our world leading top politicians: Not even the most hardened actor could believably repeat what fascist giants and dwarfs like Trump, Merkel, Putin, Johnson et. al. are spouting off effortlessly as their daily routines. It’s really not much fun being alive today.


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