Prison: Day 41, 42

Oh hey!

42 days of uninterrupted quarantine and lockdown. 42 days makes about …  hmmmm, more or less exactly 6 weeks. Amirite? 6 whole fukn funfilled weeks of action and laughter and doing little. Or next to nothing.

Ok, no, not really. With a lot of goodwill one could maybe say Orca was busy keeping her blog going. Ya. Why not? Let’s say in the last 6 weeks I made blogging my main occupation. Strangely that didn’t manifest in the quantitative output, neither in the quality or newsworthyness. TSB! is still the same old shitshow as we know it since 2011. Lazy editing, lazy researching,  lazy unimaginative writing in a toddler-esque wannabe English. :/

Maybe I shouldn’t have quitted my *dayjob?


Anyhoo, today I noticed there were a helluvalot more cars on the roads as usual, I saw even a gaggle of construction workers … actually working. 😮 Weird. All the shops still seem to be closed, but building houses is essential? And from where do they get their materials?

Quality of egg-mayo samiches seems to go downhill as well. Smaller egg pieces, much less volume on the slices. Still, better than no egg-mayo sammies at all, don’t you think?

Anyhoo, stay healthy, keep your head up high, wishywashy your frontal extremities, spread the love, help your elderly neighbors, make love to your significant others, fukn Stay Alive!!!



  • Say wot bitch?



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