Arch Ruined My Linux Experience

Most fukn disappointing Linux OS evarrrrrrr!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Arch ruined my Linux experience

As an oldschool Linux user, I decided to come back to this OS after more than 16 years of Windows. Decided to come back as I heard that Linux started to work well as a good desktop OS and decided to start with Arch. Worst decision in my life: all working out of the box, offering the fastest and smoothest experience on pc in my whole life. When I find a problem, the wiki itself is more than enough to solve 99% of the problems and if it doesn’t the community is more than glad to help. Not counting the amount of unsolved system vulnerabilities (7 on Arch vs 1112 on Windows atm). I was preparing for a buggy and slow OS, like on Windows, and feel at home with some bluescreens and broken drivers. Instead, they gave me the best tool I worked with so far. 2/10, won’t reccomend.

Ok, don’t you dare trying ArchLinux! Don’t even think about it but stick with your Debimintubu. It’s better and saver!



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