Does Your Gym Do That Too?

A lot of Virgin Active trainers offer online sessions now during the lockdown. Which is nice, on top of freezing our membership fees in that time. And now they are planning a megamaxi event. Look:

Yes, go ahead ladies

Sounds fun? Yoga from 10:20 – 10:40? WTF? A yoga session takes 90 minutes, not 20. That is hardly long enough to warm up and do the final journey through the body meditation. What is wrong with people? Anybody in a particular hurry, got better shit to do while locked down at home?

Me? Beaches aren’t closed here, not that I could see. I mean gvt said they are off limits, so I’ll just drive for, like, half hour down the coast and do my lonely walkabout there. And nobody but some shark or seal will even see me. I’ll be with all those fitness bishies … in thoughts. =^.^=



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