The FreeSpirit Cup: An update

Fresh newness from Viv: FSC is going on, and the hottest matches are still ahead of the athletes:


the Free Spirit Cup

I know.

You must be wondering what is going on with our Match race competition….


It is still going. Just in some kind of hiatus due to RL circumstances.

Not sure when we resume, but it should be soon, now. Here is what we have in store for you:

  1. The second semi-final, between Ian+Nochiko and Red+Dae.
  2. The third place final, between Liv+Sasha and one of the above.
  3. The Challengers’ Final, between Viv+Palani and the other one of the above.
  4. The FreeSpirit Cup, between the Challengers and 2019 Champions, Fanny+Justin.

Finally, a big fiesta to celebrate nearly six months of match racing!

Stay tuned for all the latest news.

Meanwhile, keep safe and be well!

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    • Maybe it’s like the olympics, there needs on be a match for the bronze medal or sumfink? I was never enough into match racing to care about the finer details of scoring.

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      • I suppose there will be a bronze medal, but as a competitor I was under the impression that my tournament had ended. After nearly 4 months the idea of continuing in the role of ‘audience’ seemed fine for me.

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