• Finally got a 50 pack of these; From China of coarse. Now i can walk through the stores pretending like I am totally protected, yes? Still on my first one and no mishaps yet. One use and throw away? No way!

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        • Of course they are from China. Can’t imagine any other country able to mass produce them on speed and with such little care.
          About ours: Must’ve been “the one that got away”. My first mask is still going strong though.

          And the “protected” thing ain’t true. Not at all. We’re wearing them to protect ppl around us from our virae, they are of little to no use to protect the wearer from anything. 😐 Still looking good and aware and like we are good, caring citizens in a society where you’re a sociopath outlaw mass murdering @$$hole if you don’t wear them.

          Weird, when I drove by the car mechanics, none of us wore any masks and the only time the topic went to the pandemic, it was about the business restrictions for mechanics and what is considered essential and what not.

          Becca, stay healthy!


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