Prison: Day 36 – 39

Guys and guyettes,

I’m so sorry for no diary in 3 days but, really, there is not much to report about. And if I wouldn’t feel obliged to to give a sign of life every now and then, I would crawl back in bed and just be lazy.

But …  lazyness doesn’t fill blogs or does it? So here we go.

You peeps know how the time in quarantine just slowly passes by and keeps most of us in limbo, our lives on hold.

Grrr, noooo! Not that limbo! It’s too much fun FFS!

All plans pushed into the – hopefully – nearer future, no spontanious adventures, watching YouTube and shopping for food becoming the most exciting things we can do. This is sooo fukn lame. :/ I am lame, you are lame. Let’s all together be lame.

Ok, there is Second Life to keep us amused as it always did and does. And if I was still a fanatic SL aficionado I’d hardly notice that we are in lockdown but just enjoy my time online and inworld. Unfortunately I’m on my way out of SL, since kinda 2014 or so. Imagine that, me built a new desktop computer, finally a semi-decent gamer machine with a real semi-up-to-date graphics card – and losing my interest in SL at the same time. 😮

My sisters and mutated brother

Anyhoo, still  did a lot of stuff inworld, and will continue to do so once my good machine is repaired/updated. But for now SL has taken a back set since neither my little Lenovo desktops, nor my fukn stupid netbook, are capable of really playing SL. Not with some action and good graphics. Standing around, avoiding contact and conversation with other avies. Just building a little on my lowlow skillset and/or going shopping for houses once in a while.

And that I did yesterday:

Scarlet Creative in Madi + Snoop blog

Ooooh yumyum! This is finally a good little house by Charlotte again. In the last couple years her style became too dark and unfresh and serious for me … and since I’m kinda blogger I blogged about my disappointment … and am now banned from Charlotte’s sim. 😦

Doesn’t matter as this little house for a litte girl isn’t in her sim, nor in Scarlet Ceative’s marketplace but available exclusively from FaMESHed shopping event. Unfortunately the FaMEHed sim was full while I was online and I didn’t have a chance to have a closer look at the San Paolo house or buy it it. :/

That’s one of the funnier sides of lockdown and quarantine: SL is booming! Avies that logged off forever, already, like, 10 years ago, coming back, finding themselves in need of a new body and skin … and clogging up the grid and all the shops.

Instead I bought this from the marketplace, for the princely sum of 10 Woolongs:

Not too shabby, isn’t it? Meshy goodness, light and spacious. What I’m gonna do with it? No fukn idea. 😐 I just liked it. You know, I’m still in Limbo about …

Noooo! Not that limbo!!! 😮 SHUT THE FUK UP! Goodness me. 😦

Still undecided if I should give up my premium membership and my ability to own land in SL. Hardly online anymore, and I could use the money to purchase a better WordPress membership with more space for photo uploads. OTOH it’s nice to have a little piece of land, a home base to play with and display shit on.

Hmmm, maybe keep it for one more year, maybe until I’m a grown up adult and don’t play in SL anymore … or sumfink like dat. I only know I should hurry since LL will soon grab dat money from my bank account if I don’t cancel the premium. This is yet another fukn lim…

…bo? 😮 Wot? Oh noes, not again. Please nooooooooo….

Go away John Watts!


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