My Whole Pride and Joy :)

May I introduce …

Left, on GagaMore: Endeavour. Right, on Gaga: Archman

The best Linux distros I’ve ever installed and used! Both are ArchLinux, of course, and fulfill me with pride and make me happy. I pity all you fools on Windows and, even worse, on Mac. Why you’re doing that to yourself I’ll never understand.

My life was turned 180° upside down once I’ve found Linux and let it into my life. That was in form and shape of Mint … and became a 1000 times betterer once my guruine put me on a diet of Manjaro, and thus paved the way for me further down the Arch hole. I bet if she could see me now she would be soooo fukn proud of me! 🙂

Cyberpunk-Orc is powered and operated by ArchLinux

Instabilities? Crashyness? Bitchy Arch systems?

Yes, if you want it to be so it will be so! Arch users are well-known for being playkiddies by heart and always experimenting with their OS and trying to do the impossible. Of course they crash hard and often.

Me, I’m just a user, and therefor enjoy how totally stable and usable Arch is for me. Once or twice, rarely three times a day I do a quick update and that’s it. That’s all the superduper geeky labour you gotta invest into Archy systems. It works every time …



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