*EDIT* A Special Performance of Cowboy Bebop’s “The Real Folk Blues”

Ohayo anime fanatics!

Cowboy Bebop is very old … and still one of the greatest, if not the greatest anime series ever made. Right? Dontcha dare disagreeing with me, fokka! 😐 And since it’s so great it’s never been forgotten. Not for a small part due to the fantastic soundtrack and musical score by Yoko Kanno, it took on an afterlife all by itself, with life concerts and stuff.

And now, pretty new, in times of Coronacrisis … ok three, two, one, let’s jam:

Anime gives back! In collaboration with Sunrise and Mason Lieberman, we are thrilled to share this star-studded tribute to the gorgeous music of Yoko Kanno and Cowboy Bebop to benefit COVID-19 relief.

Featuring over forty special guests including Yoko Kanno herself, The Seatbelts, original cast members and a veritable who’s-who of the modern game and anime industries, ALL PROCEEDS from this track will be donated to the CDC Foundation and Doctors without Borders (MSF) in support of the fight against COVID-19.

If they go on like this, The Real Folk Blues will become a Top 40 hit!

Fuk you Digibro! Now I’m crying. 😦

“These are people frozen in time.”

See ya space cowboy.


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