EndeavourOS 2020: Possibly the Best Arch Linux Option

Mmmmm, Jack M. Germain, despite writing a lot of shit, agrees with Queen Orca at least in that one aspect: EndeavourOS = Bestest ArchLinux!

Some stupid things in this article

Pleasant Experience

What is particularly appealing with EndeavourOS is its clean look and simplified desktop environment. Not much has changed in this latest release.

Still, the differences make using this distro a more solid and pleasant experience. That says a lot when discussing an Arch-based system.

EndeavourOS is one of a few really reliable Arch systems that makes getting started a whole lot easier. Much of that credit goes to EndeavourOS’ roots.

You see that play out right from the start in the desktop selection. This distro gives you a choice of numerous popular desktop environments and one window manager. That includes installing a modest selection of apps and packages specific to the chosen desktop.

What Jack is saying here is that most/all DEs are coming out of the box in their most basic shape and form. What might be nice and ok-ish with some desktops isn’t true at all for my beloved Mate. In case you didn’t know yet, Mate comes originally with two panels which is totally unnecesary and nothing  but a waste of screen real estate. I wouldn’t mind finding it at least a little bit adjusted to most users’ use cases.

On the other hand it’s also nice, so the user has total freedom to customize their system from the ground up. And kneading the desktop into something usable by me takes all of two minutes. In so far it may indeed be a good thing the Endeavour guys didn’t fuck around with any presets.

Desktop Delights

You simply click the box in the list of options. The Calamares installer does the rest for you.

The choices are impressive: Xfce4, MATE, Cinnamon, KDE Plasma, GNOME, Budgie, Deepin and LXQT. Also available as a choice is the i3 window manager.

This is indeed a good thing, considering your personal preference. I found the installation process took an unnatural long time to finish, which never happens when you have a distro where you decide on your desktop before you download the ISO file.

EndeavourOS 2020 Calamares installer
Arch installation made easy: One click starts the clever Calamares installer

Well, as always this is a question of personal taste and only important once in the life span of your Endeavour system. I guess if you’re advanced enough to try your luck with an Arch system, you already know and have tested all the desktops and window managers and know exactly what you want. In so far the inclusive, monolithic ISO file and long install process doesn’t make Endeavour better or worse than other Arch distros, it’s just a little bit different.

Grassroots Appeal

Another essential feature is how closely it adheres to the Arch Linux goal of simplicity. With most other Linux families, users have several methods to get various computing processes done.

With Arch Linux systems, users apply one preferred way. It is the Arch way: through organized and well-documented configuration files. Arch Linux is a distribution independent of Debian or any other Linux distribution.

To quote a popular streaming scifi series about a certain Mandalorian bounty hunter: “This is the way!” And same as the Mandalorians and their code of honour are not everyone’s cup of tea, the Arch way is the same kind of rigid and uncompromised and steadfast. I kinda really like it.

It Is the traditional  Linux way too. Have many small tools do small things and do them well.

… and grllz become wammen!!!

Orca’s Conclusion:

Following true Arch spirit EndeavourOS is keeping it simple. So simple it borders on the primitive and leaves all attempts to get some pleasantries and luxuries to you, the user. So, no, don’t misunderstand Arch’s motto as making it easy for the user.

Just simple. And uncluttered. And non-bloated. And stripped down. SIMPLE!

And that little word can encompass many meanings. If you kinda know what you want to achieve, and how to achieve a certain task it is indeed very simple. No nanny stepping on your toes while you slowly and methodically fuk up your whole computer. Total unadultered freedom to ruin your life! 🙂 It’s indeed a 100% pure uncompromised ArchLinux.

For a more friendly, approachable foray into ArchLinux, something more Mint-y, there’s always the genie in the bottle Manjaro.

Endeavouros Logo.svg
Get the latest awesomeness from here


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