Uccello Poultry Has Sadly Passed Away In Second Life

Oh shit! Uccie was a hero of mine from earliest n00b days. She was one of the builders and officers on IoL and later in Bay City, an alround creatve and nice girl. I haven’t heard from her in a long time, and her blog went silent.
I didn’t think anything bad, maybe she had a busy RL and was bored with SL, like many of us oldbies.
To hear of her passing makes me sad, afaik she was still pretty young. 😦


Daniel Voyager

Recently I found out that my friend Uccello Poultry in Second Life sadly passed away. I am heartbroken and shocked to hear about this. It’s upsetting as I write this blog post.

Over the years Uccello mentioned me on her blog which was really nice. We went on grid adventures across the grid and we had nice long chats. Uccello transferred over from the teen grid many years ago. She loved following my blog ❤️.

Uccello helped the Second Life community in so many different ways over the years and she was much loved by everyone that knew her.

This is a big loss for Second Life and in real life for all of her family/friends. Rest in peace Uccello. You will never be forgotten.

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