Prison: Day 35


Day 35. If I didn’t miss or added any days today marks 5 weeks in lockdown here in Cape Town. Mood is still good in our little household, we’re used to being alone and keeping busy by ourselves quite fine. Of course it’s different now, we’re in the middle of a worldwide emergency, badly mismanaged by western career polticians, more concerned with the economy, bribes and votes than with the medical facts and the actual wellbeing of their underlings tributaries subejcts populations.

Yes, I’m looking at you Trump and Pence, you fukn vermin! 😦 And all the other fukkaz just like you. Can’t wait to get your countries and your industries running again, can you? You don’t give a singular fuk if the panedmic worsens soon after you opened up again.

/me throws up a little inside her mouth. 😦

Anyhooo, where was I? Uh yes, it’s different. It’s different in so far that we can’t go out if we wanted. The other day I noticed a roadblock on the N7, the major national route into town. As a private driver with no essential business they’d turned me around right there I guess.

But anyway, tomorrow, 1st of May, the country will go from lockdown level 5 to level 4, which will give us some more freedoms, “a risk adjusted approach”: Retailers may sell winter clothes, restaurants can do deliveries, and people may go cycling, jogging and walking … but only in their ‘hoods. If kidz are allowed back to school isn’t yet decided.

Ok, at least one big change: We’re sooo gonna order Chinese and Indian food from our fave eateries in the coming days!!!

\o/ YAY! \o/

Oh, I made a new video. Started filming when I drove away from the Foodlovers Market yesterday and drove a bit around, skirting the outskirts of our coastal suburbia … until the camera dieded on me. 😮

Don’t have any other newnesses from this side of the Ocean. Hope y’all stay healthy and in good mood. Ya know, I’d have a perfect idea on how to get your mood up, but I fear you might start hating me when I tell you again to download a nifty Linux ISO and install it on your secondary or tertiary computer. =^.^=

Don’t forget to wash your hands!




  1. I’ve been out riding my bike in the nice weather, and with no mask GAAAA! Go ahead and try to arrest me Mr. Man. Sorry to say when I see Linux all I hear is La La La La La 🙂

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    • You shouldn’t Becca,, really you should hear more than Lalalalla. Coz Linux is the future, it’s us consumer sheeples cutting our chains and take our computing into our own hands. Uncontrolled, unregulated, totally self sufficient.
      And when even Orca can do it- so can you!


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