It Was About Time …

Battle of Waterloo 1815.PNG

Lubuntu finally went with the LXQt desktop!

How long am I nagging for the switch to happen? And for how long are the Lubu guys asking us to be patient? Ever since Wellington’s victory over old Nappy at the fisticuffs of Waterloo, if not even longer, I guess.

We deffo had better fashion sense back then, didn’t we? But I digress …

Better watch this:

Take a look at Lubuntu 20.04 LTS. It is the first long term support release of Lubutnu that doesn’t feature the good old LXDE desktop environment.

LXQt uses Qt farmework instead of GTK. This makes Lubuntu 20.04 close to KDE in terms of looks.

The shift from LXDE also means that Lubuntu 20.04 LTS is a lot different from its predecessor LTS version.

Believe it or not, over all those years of development and Linux as a whole getting better and better, the humble little Lubu still has a vast fanclub and true everyday users. Beats me. This shit is abso useless if your hardware  is younger than 15 years.

But it’s obviously not made for fancy bishies like Orca, so have fun with it, guys. 🙂


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