Very Good News!

Finally ass fits on toilet. 🙂

In the Linux community it’s well-kown that Lenovo’s adorably rugged and professional ThinkPad models make perfect Linux machines as well. Stupidly Lenovo was always a Microsoft minion and not very forthcoming in puncto Linux support.

But now one of their product managers must have noticed the good reputation ThinkPads have in Linux circles. Not wanting to scale down into amateur realm, they teamed up with Red Hat and will bring out various Fedora preinstalled ThinkPads soon.

Soon officially on your ThinkPad

Okeeeeeeee … if Fedora runs on the Lenovos, your Ubuntu, Mint and Manjaro will too. We know that  since we install all kinds of Linux distros on ThinkPads since IBM times. But now we can do it officially!



    • Thx sandomina.
      It was about time Lenovo tapped into the profitable Linux community, wasn’t it? They’ve obviously seen how Dell and countless small assemblers worldwide are selling their pre-installed Linux machines successfully.
      Stay healthy

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