Prison: Day 34

Aloha fellow sleepy heads.

Yesterday I received a blog from a real inmate, dunno  why or how but suddenly I was reading a blog entry from an inmate. Very well worded and thoughtful, too. Anyhoo, he kinda complained about writers comparing their lives – particularly in time of Corona lockdown – to time spent in prison. He then went on explaining some very obvious differences between a limited time on lockdown and time spent in actual prison.

I was honestly a bit ashamed when I read that. We can leave our houses anytime we wanna. Walking the dog, work in the garden, get essential supplies from fancy food stores, drive around in our cars … it’s no prison. Not at all!

Sorry for naming my silly corona diary Prison, that was a badly thought out misnomer. I apologize to all real inmates in every correctional institution around the world.



And just 5 minutes ago I stumbled upon Isabelle Cheren’s latest blogpost in which she writes about her “Quarantine/Isolation exhaustion” and that she had “nowhere to go!”

All dolled up and nowhere to go: Isabelle Cheren

I commented on her blog: “That’s exactly the reason for our general “Quarantine/Isolation exhaustion” I guess. Why wake up, why get up, why do anything at all if we can’t go anywhere? What I can do now I can do equally as well in 10 minutes, 10 hours or 10 days. Makes no effing difference.”

For example I planned to go out yesterday, do my usual round Dis-Chem Pharmacy –> Food Lovers Market —> driving aimlessly around in the hinterland … but found enough food in the fridge to push my big haul to today. Honestly, we could even survive another day or two without going out at all. But, no, we need fresh bread, so today it is! But, again, it’s not of imminent urgency.

I could go tomorrow … or the day after …

No wonder we’re all so tired and have no energy, no?

Doesn’t matter, does it? Most important is to not get infected! And for that we need to socially distance ourselves, lockdown ourselves, put our usual lives on hold and …





  1. Actually, I have learnt, for the first time in many years, to properly plan. Without the whole physical distancing/lockdown scene, the treshold would be a lot lower to just get something last minute, have food delivered etc.
    Now, while I arguably can do anything at any time, I also am forced by this ‘freedom’ in choosing ‘when will I do … ‘ to actually plan groceries and basic neccessities ahead for the entire week or longer and make no mistakes in that. That wasn’t a common thing to do for me as a city girl.

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    • Well, when I go out (in about 10 minutes) for my shopping trip I don’t need to plan very thoroughly. Nobody will keep me from frequenting the market every day, or even multiple times a day. It’s more like a self-constraint that keeps me at home. BTW, I won’t buy so much food anymore, some stuff I bought the last time went bad and we had to throw it in the bin. 😦

      Stay healthy Liv

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    • That’s it! I need a better plan. Was supposed to shop Monday but that didn’t happen. Out of fresh salad and veggie things but i have frozen alternatives. Now it’s Thursday and I’ve still not shopped. Out of half and half but i still have instant creamer, ewww. When that runs out it will be a true emergency. I’ll just order pizza for dinner. Maybe next week I’ll shop. Goes back to sleep.

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      • “I’ll just order pizza for dinner. ”
        Whoa! Fancy! In South Africa we take then lockdown more seriously, so Restaurants are only allowed to open up from today, May, 1 on, and only for take-away. Guess what I’ll do later today … 🙂
        Didn’t I write earlier that I’m, looking forward to some Chinese and Indian takeaways? Well, hubby had a different idea, he wants to have McDonald’s!!! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk! 😦

        Sweet dreams, Becca


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