Second Norway: the future is bright

Hej, good news for Second Norway in SL. As Inara just posted the estate found a new investor that will take over the estate in its entirety!
Also refer to her post from March:



Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Second Norway, March 2020

Following my March pieces on Second Norway and Sailors Cover East and the issues of their respective futures (see: Second Norway & Sailor’s Cove East: rumours & statements – March 23rd and Second Norway and Sailor’s Cove East – status update – April 3rd), I was contacted by Vanity Bonetto, CEO of Luxory and Willowdale Estates, asking if I could put her in contact with Ey, as she had an interest in taking on Second Norway.

Given that Vanity has been able to take over a number of smaller SL estates that have got into difficulties over the years and then turning them around (she took over Willowdale some two years ago when it was just 30 regions – today it comprises some 250 regions), I was only too happy to handle introductions and then get out of the way and let them discuss matters.


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