Prison: Day 33


Oh hey, good morning sleepy heads. Another very early morning shift for the blogmonster of your trust, so let’s get to werk, shall we? My plan, at least now at the time of writing this, is to do a early morning haul. Do my usual round: pharmacy, grocers and maybe take Oubaas for “a walk”. 🙂 Okay, I’d be shocked if he starts pissing about but you know what I mean, dontcha? That old iron needs to be driven, that’s what me was made for. On the parking lot he’ll just rust away.

And maybe I can do a little video or sumfink.

Anyhoo, look what I found on the interwebz. A shiny example of how the ongoing lockdown does inspire professionals doing professional work:


Because why not?



Funny telephone call yesterday:

Telephone: *Ring ring!

Me: “Hello?”

Gloria (our cleaner): “Hello, this is Gloria …”

Me: “Hi Gloria, nice of you to call. How are you? Are you healthy?”

Gloria: “No, I’m Gloria!”

Me: 🙂, and this is even closer to my secretly geeky heart, I’ve stumbled on a blog … a kinda Linuxy blog. It’s about the journey of a n00b to become  a self-determined penguin. I can only urge you to read It’s a nicely structured blog I haven’t even read yet. But it’s obviously not made for me … but for you guys! Eventhough that guy/girl writes about stuff far above my pretty noggin. 😮

Even if I say this for the 1,000th time now and you peeps are sick and tired of me repeating myself – over and over again – like the blabering idiot I am …

It’s the fukn year 2020 a.d., nobody in their right mind should use Microsoft or Apple products! Not anymore. Not after all the shit they did to trick the whole planet into making their closed source software quasi standards. By turning formerly clever and self-determined adults into hapless mere consumers and crybabies. By making us trade in our independence for some assumed convenience.

In case of Apple it’s kinda ok, coz it’s their machines. So they put any OS on it they fancy. And of course it’s MacOS! Who’d have thought? 😉

But Microsoft. Really? By putting Windows on nearly every single commercially available computing device and pressuring the manufacturers into making their BIOSes as Linux-unfriendly as possible, they factually disqualified themselves from being a serious software house and became nothing but a moneymaking scheme. It was their clear path right from the beginning. Read their history: Nothing but tricks and smoke and mirrors. And lies!

And you trust them to supply you with the operating system on your own fukn personal computer??? You deranged or sumfink?

Wakey wakey kidz! A  new dawn is breaking, a bright new day here in Camp Penguin in Tuxland! Join us!

Oh, did you notice? The Voyage to Linux guy uses Mint as his personal operating system! Good man or woman. He/she made the right decision … for a n00b. 😉



And that concludes my early morning sermon and just leaves me to say …

I hope you’re all doing reasonably well, considering the shitty situation we’re in. Try to see the good side of the lockdown and start a new project. How about trying out Linux?

You’ll see it’s new, it’s simple, it’s powerful, it’s free, it’s fun! Of course you’ll run into trubbelz. But didn’t you run into trubbelz when you was new on Windows as well? In this case I can promise you that all the trubbel is caused by you, not by a childishly problematic operating system. See, that’s all part of the self-determination! And in Mint you’ll get help, much many helpful help from fellow users who all once were in your situation. I’m hearing the Linux Mint forum is particularly soft and cuddly. 😉

And once you’re done with the trubbel part of Linux and got it, you’ll never wanna return. So make the conversion to Linux your #1 lockdown project! You’re not gonna regret it!

And after a while, a short while already, you’ll notice Linux is even more convenient than Windows ever was!

Stay healthy or stay Gloria or stay [your name], wash your friggn handz, don’t insert Clorox into your body and all will end well. For all of us! Ok?




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