*You can view the archive for four days, until 23:59 on , Monday,June 1, Japan time *Electronic ticket can only be purchased until 23:59 on Sunday,May 31, Japan time We are going to give our best performance, straight to our fans homes, during this difficult time. Thank you for your support.ーーー

Japan’s second-bestest math rock combo, in live stream just chatting in their own language so we won’t understand fukall. Doesn’t matter, we just love them bishies, don’t we? Hai!

At least we get that they’re all in lockdown, same as we. Same as Sophie Ellis-Baxtor and John Fogerty. So superstardom, and not even semi-recognizable status makes one excempt from being grounded. And the Tricot girls even show signs of bad grooming by now. Look at Motofour’s hair … what a shocker: She’s not a natural blonde! 😮

Here’s the latest live recording off the official Tricot channel. Enjoy, if you can. =^.^=



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