Prison: Day 32

Gud moarnink, soon to be infected peepel!

Gosh, I hope not! 😮 I hope you’re all well and positive and keep on hanging on. 😉

So I’ve started today’s prison report without a plan, without any idea of what to write, so you’ve gotta find something together with me. Shall we go on safari?

As usual  my first click is to the Fast speedtest, checking if Rocketnet is still nice enough to provide us with double speed:


Whoa! Not just twice the speed but exceeding that! Not too long ago I’d be a happy hippo if I had the 7 MB. And now we just get them propped on top of the super duper 50. Peeps, you know Orca ain’t a commercial woman but in this case I guess a praise of Rocketnet is in order. Right now we’re paying for 20/20 and mostly get speedz exceeding 50/50!

Hey, I’m not stupid, know exactly why they do it: They hope some of us are so blown away by the new speed we’ll apply for keeping it once the quarantine is over and done with. And I guess in our case they might be right. Gotta be extra sweet to hubby the next days and weeks and stop calling him a useless fokka. Hmmm. 😐

Oh, and also I’ve found the best reason why you should never, like, really NEVER! EVER! lend your car to that drugged out spaz Orca:

Sowwy misser poleeceman, didn’t see dat fuggn wall. *burrrp

Yeah, sorry, I’m not only the eloquent, elegant and arrogant political and arts adviser but also a gross hussy.

So, next click leads us to some insignificant steps in my morning patrol. Stuff of no concern to you. So let’s see what Fefe found while I was in a medically induced coma:

What a bish!

Oh hey, moment pleez. Didn’t the Chinese authortities declare Wuhan as free from coronavirus? Something doesn’t add up here, methinks. :/

In Germany 2 immigrant families in the projects broke quarantine and got infected. Now all 450 resident families from 24 nations will be tested, and fenced in their – very idyllic – skyscraper ghetto, get food supplies by the Red Cross. They are living it up!

Jeeze, Grevenbroich isn’t just a fuked up town with an unpronouncable name (for Americans) but they seem to have a real socio-economic problem. And now the virus on top of it. /me feeling kinda smug for not living in Europe anymore but in some African shithole. 😉;0xw,0.1086xh&resize=667:*
And these proud American wimmin have a deathwish!

The Coronavirus Truthers Don’t Believe in Public Health

Social-distancing protesters, “medical freedom” advocates, and anti-vaccine activists all rely on deeply flawed ideas about how public health measures work—and how safe they are themselves.

Okeee, my upload limit is at 100% already since some photos, I better stop now before WordPress send out killers or delete my blog or sumfink. 😮

Laterz guyz, and stay healthy!!!


PS: Just in case you won’t hear from me anymore, now you know why. 😦



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