Help from True Friends

Cuba is a friend indeed!

Umm, totally natural, not-staged photo of our friendly Cuban life-savers. 😉

Notice the absence of the most powerful nation on earth?

Hey, I’ve heard even – blocked by USA – Venezuela is sending out  doctors and nurses and materials in direction of South Africa. Oh, aren’t Cuba and Venezuela socialist countries, the mothers of all evil? Turns out they happily share what little resources they have with ill-prepared SA.

And I bet they would even send help to the United States. =^.^=

Meanwhile …

Last time I showed you this vid the death toll was considerably smaller. And one less infected person in the overpopulized Northern Cape were they have 17 infected boers now. :/

Oh shit, why do hubby and me have to live in the province with the most infected people? Because it’s so beautiful here. So we blame the fukn tourists! 😮



  1. Cuba did send us something… I can’t recall what… PPE or ventilators, I think.

    Under Obama we were sooooo close to ending our stupid grudge with Cuba (it was valid in it’s time but no longer). But cheeto renewed it.

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    • Sorry, but your grudge with Cuba was never valid, nor justified. Cuba is a sovereign country, and very resilient. They got rid of a fascist regime by themselves, without any American help. Not American business, not your concern. When the soviets wanted to station some nukes there: Not your fukn business. The soviets were the better friends throughout history, back then and still today as a fellow democratic superpower. If I were Castro in the 60s, I’d call on Moscow to help protect me from US invasion. Logical.

      Way I see it: From planning of D-Day onwards, the USA was nothing but vindictive and a threat to world peace. Not a single conflict that wasn’t cause by the US and in which you weren’t on the wrong side. US is singlehandedly responsible for 99% of fascist dictatorships after WW2. And it was always aimed against THE PEOPLE of all countries. Maybe to show to your own population to better stay quiet, don’t unionize, don’t have social thoughts, don’t criticize, just consume and get fat and into debt. And die early.


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