Ubuntu 20.04

Ubuntu 20.04 was just released a couple days ago. Lots of new stuff in it and the whole Linux world’s going crazy n shit …

So, Linux kernel 5.4, yes?

Orca: “Hold my beer …”

Arch update from yesterday: Linux Kernel 5.6.7

This is a screenshot of my own Endeavour Arch-powered system from right now.

Ubuntu 20.04 is a so-called LTS (Long Term Support) version, which means it’ll stay on Kernel 5.4 until 2025. At that time Arch will be on Kernel 3 gazillion!!! Also, Amazon app? WTF is Amazon? True Linux don’t deal in commercial shit, and neither spies on its users!

Any questions about which Linux is more sexy?




    • Simple to install they are all. As long as you don’t try to install vanilla Arch but use one of the Arch installers like Archman and/or Endeavour you get the super simple Calamares installer. All you need for it to know is your name. 😉

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