Endeavour: 1 VS Sparky: 0

Ugh, my frens …

please believe me this doesn’t make me happy. Ya, ok, maybe a little bit but you gotta believe me, I don’t carry any malevolence in my heart against Debian Linux. I put Sparky on the little Acer for good reason. On the other hand I’m a glowing ArchLinux fanatik, so there’s that. 😐


When I switched on OrcNet, my fukn Acer netbook, this morning it refused to boot! WTF? My superduper stable Sparky (Debian) distro? Won’t even get its ass up?

Oh my. Oh dear me. 😦

Anywayyyy, I’m a gurl of quick decisions and not even a minute later I’m starting a EndeavourOS (Arch) install on the same lame machine. Installation, as usual with Endeavour, takes its good time … but eventually finishes successfully.

And what can I tell you? That old Acer craptop runs as fast as with Sparky. Takes maybe a couple seconds longer to start up in the mornings but from then on is a fast and responsive and spunky little fun machine.

I just hope it doesn’t take a shit … 😐

Still, my recommendation stands: When you’re new to Linux but not new to computing and to live, Sparky shall be your first and best Linux! It’s immediately usable, right out of the box, like Mint, but isn’t all over you like a nanny.


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