Bolshoi Theatre: A Hero of Our Time



We totally missed the performance of the soloists a few days ago but tonight I dressed up again in my second best training pants and watched a video of the Bolshoi’s Ballet A Hero of Our Time. You gotta be a bit stylish and classy when watching a ballet, don’t you think?

That hero!

See people, I don’t have much of a clue but if you wanna know all the fine details, of which I’m sure there are many in such a production, you gotta read the programme  or whatever lit there is available. For my amateurish ears this was a very modern ballet, almost jazzy with dysharmonics in the score and pretty unconventional choreography.

One primaballerina

It wasn’t easy watching this production. While very interesting and easy to follow throughout the scenes and dances, the music really irked me. It might be appropriate  for the ballet’s topic but it wasn’t beautiful. not nice, not even really dramatic. For me the soundtrack sometimes sounded like just senseless noises. Too fukn modern!


Don’t get me wrong. I have no clue, wasn’t even doing ballet as a girl, and I’m quite sure that what we saw tonight was great art. I mean the fukn Bolshoi didn’t get its reputation as the world’s finest ballet theatre for nothing!

The whole troupe

But for this little blogger A Hero of Our Time went straight over my pretty noggin. No shit, I rather watch harmless little karaoke shows by Sophie Ellis-Bextor than grand spectacles like those ballets. Disco is ultimately more satisfying than Ballet! 😐


I kinda liked the idea of live opera singers on stage eventhough I hated  the music. This is what artsy fartsy people call avantgarde, isn’t it?

On the other hand it’s gotta be said the choreography was superduper and the dancers top notch, as always with the Bolshoi. There was always so much going on on stage, I snapped around 180 screenshots. I just won’t show you more since I’ve almost reached my upload limit and am at 99.8% of the allowed 13 GB. 😦

Klik here!

Anyhoo, you can watch A Hero of Our Time for yourself in the next 2 days. <– There, at the thumbnail, dummy!




  1. I once went to some live modern dance performance. I was annoyed for most if it but got really annoyed when the whole audience laughed at some “dance joke” that I didn’t observe or understand.

    Glad I didn’t tune in to this one. Thx for the review!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tee hee, this wasn’t modern dance, man! Bolshoi is classic ballet as can be. Just this show and the music is somewhat newer. Doesn’t stop them ballerinas and ballerinos from great dancing. I couldn’t look away and had to watch the whole thing. It was that great!
      Avantgarde? Yes! But classical avantgarde. No hippie shit.


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