Will Corona Virus rule the world

Found this pessimistically thoughtful poem in Ilajnah’s Life in Words blog:

is this how it ends ?
After so many years of hard work,
sleepless nights and thoughtful days,
generations indulged in innovations,
fortune spent on research,
inventions of numerous explosives,
GDP dedicated on armies ,
strengthened our economy,
compromised our health
believing our biggest enemy
is our own species,
a novel virus
is turning
our skyscrapers to graveyard,
killing us like a massacre,
without noise, without a buzz.

You don’t have to like it. I did though.

PS: Yeah, I know the spelling mistakes should drive my OCD crazy. And they did. But since I quoted the whole thing from another blog and was too cheap to make a screenshot, I at least kept the writing as it is.



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