Sophie Does It Again!

Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Kitchen Disco #5 (Live on Instagram, 24/4/20)

Welcome to kitchen disco number 5.. our most eccentric yet. i brought out the circus outfit, richard turned into a fox and you were in a birthday sandwich. we love you all and thanks for coming over xxx

I know it’s silly. And kinda stupid. But there are many people in the world who love disco music, and Ms. Bextor is a real disco diva! … and nice enough to give us free karaoke concerts while we and she are all on lockdown and can’t go out to the open air festivals where we had to pay to see acts like her.

Now it’s free! So fukn enjoy the fuk out of it! Or got anything better to do right now? No, eh? Feel free to sing along! Even Orca’s RL avatar grumpily grunted a few selected phrases while she was shily dancing in her study.

And hey, for being in the dance music biz since the jurassic era and a mother of roundabout 23 millions kidz she’s still looking damn hot, dontcha think. I betcha the bish does yoga!

“Such a yummy mummy.”


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