Prison: Day 30

Hai fellow Stay-at-Homies!

I hope you’re all hanging in and still doing great. Nothing new to report from my side of the screen. I’m sleepy but awake, hungry but don’t wanna eat, have thousand ideas but no energy to do them. A life in limbo one could call it I guess. Equilibrium not really. My mind is too restless and I think about about going out, sailing the ocean, crossing the desert … wide open spaces, you know?

Pfff, forget about it for now. You too, deario. Better stay put where you are! Remember we have a job to do, we’re busy saving humanity. One can stay in the comforts of ones own home for a while, no? I mean it’s better than being stuck in a Turkish prison. 😉

Turkish prison

And hey, I could get busy outside, at least in our little garden. If I wanted. But that’s too much work for my frail sexy little bod.

Orca’s garden

Ugh man. 😐

I hope y’all are doing better than me … and theoretically I’m already doing great!

Just don’t forget your usual hygiene activities and check this blog often.





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