Dual Boot Linux Mint 19.3 With Windows 10 UEFI

Heyas, ready to try out that newfangled ultrafashionable Linux thing but NOT READY to give up on your Windows yet? Try something Orca – and most real experts – don’t recommend: Dual Boot Linux and Win!

This is yet another video showing you how:

In this video I will be demonstrating how to dual boot Linux Mint 19.3 with Windows 10 in UEFI mode, it was requested by a viewer that wanted to see the difference compared to my Legacy install on a HP laptop, here – https://youtu.be/nDasnzOjNfM I had some audio issues during the recording of this video, so if things look slightly out of sync that would be the reason. Hope you enjoy the video.

Okay, just to make it clear, once and for all: You’re an adult, no? Self-reliant and responsible, clever and smart. So let’s assume you’re doing your backups quite regularly and don’t fuk about with your system(s).

So you’re save af.

Only problem will be your Windows10. It’s an insanely jealous beast and doesn’t play nice with the “virus” Linux. 😮 Which means that in the next Win update it will probably at least try to delete your fancy Mint off the hard drive/SSD. 😦

Fortunately you’ve regularly backed up all your data, didn’t ya?

So what did we learn? Yes, kick that stupid Win off your computer and get used to Linux!

Just in case you’re not fully aware of what Dual Boot means: Every time you start your computer you’ll be asked what is your desire: Win10 or Linux Mint. Yes, it’s really simple as that.



    • Yes, I guess having 2 Linuxes on your machine won’t hurt. I never tried it since hardware is so cheap nowadays but it’s still better than a dual boot Win/Linux.


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