The Liar Tweets Tonight

In the White House the liar tweets tonight

by Roy Zimmerman and The ReZisters, featuring Sandy Riccardi. Made in collaboration with the Raging Grannies of Mendocino.
“The Lion Sleeps Tonight” words and music by Solomon Linda. Parody lyrics by Ede Morris, Roy Zimmerman, Melanie Harby.
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Hmmm, I don’t know guys. Sometimes I get the feeling that not even the Americans see their own fukn president as a good and wise leader. Just a question if I may: WHY TF DID YOU VOTE THAT MAN INTO POWER???

And now don’t even try telling us “wasn’t me!” or sumfink stupid like that. You’re the country with the bestest democracy money can buy … ever! Everything totally legit! So a vast majority of you guys must have voted for our most entertaining troglodyte pinocchio. And you done good, I guess. Don’t even wanna know what would’ve happened to this rock of ours if his competition’d be in the white house now. 😮

Hillary in action!

Baked potato anyone?


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