Everybody … and Lucy

Please peepelz, I need you expertise!

Was just cleaning up the garden, our itty bitty micro frontgarden, when I found this in one of our trees:


Yes, I know what it is: Fungus! 😦 Which is weird since Cape Town hasn’t seen rain in more than a week now and all the plants are dry as the desert. But, anyway, I’m not even interested to know where the fukn ‘shroom is coming from but how to get rid of it?

Any ideas, know of any secret spray or sumfink to make the fungi die like north American indians or Palestinians? Any greenfingers among you, Lucy, what to dooooo???

Please let me know.





  1. No idea is okay … but how dare you even mentioning the unmentionable evil in this blog???
    We’re proud Linuxers and banned the big G looong ago! 😐 But I could ask Startpage and get the relevant results without having to wade through a swamp of commercial shit first.

    Thank you


    • Oooh cool! Now off to meticulous scrubbing and saving the stinkin tree. 😦 Grrr, I hate working in the garden, more a girl of the ocean and the road. That’s my natural biosphere. 🙂
      Thx for the hint, leendadll.

      And you don’t need to be on Linux in order to be wary and tired of Google’s shit. They are attacking our basic human rights ffs! But anyway, why aren’t you on Linux? Didn’t you say you’re broke n shit? Newsflash: Linux isn’t just much better than Windows, it’s fukn freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


  2. That’s exactly the one single reason why – in the fukn year 2020 – ppl are still using conceptually outdated shit like Windows. It’s already big and fat installed on their computers. In the year 2020, when every single one of us should be, like, totally computer literate Microsoft and Apple are keeping us locked in the past. We all should be shiny androids by now but what are we? Grunting toglodytes. 😦

    How are you fending off MS’s attacks on your sanity? Aren’t they nagging you day in day out to finally upgrade to Win10? Do it! I dare you. Upgrade to Win10 and notice that all the shit they’re selling you as new tech is used in Linux since years and years.

    PC came with Win doesn’t mean you got it for free. A certain amount of any PCs price you pay for the OS licence. I know in America it’s not really a thing but from most PC mailorder stores in Germany you get machines without OS … and save some money. Even the biggies, like Dell, have whole product lines that come with preinstalled Linux. But they are the same price as their Windows breathren. 😦


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