There Goes the AR

Oh my, the next rat jumps the sinking AR ship.

After Linden Lab self-distanced themselves from the Project Sansar fiasco, now this rat jumps ship, too.

Very wise, although a bit late, move by Magic Leap. That AR’s future would be in earnest adult, professional uses, I could have told them already, like 2 years ago. Anyone remembers how this blog was ranting and shouting and behaving like a mad woman when she heard about LL’s Project Sansar for the first time?

“It’s no good”, I said.“It only interests some socially awkward boy gamers, while SL’s majority of female residents have completely other interests.” I continued “Why would we spend 300 Woolongs for a facehugger that ruins our hairstyles and makes us vomit when most of us are only on 300 Woolong laptops in the first place? Nobody’s gonna buy that shit.”
No girl of distinction and self esteem would ever wear an Octopus facehugger!

Did anyone listen to me? No, of course not. Stupid little Orca is just a cartoon girl with no clue about the real world. Okeeeee…


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