Prison: Day 28

Lucky Ducky and the COVID Crisis: Gotcha!

With thanks to boingboing

A Lucky Ducky indeed

Fine. Now even silly comic artists can see it. The writing is on the wall. Only people not seeing the consequences of early opening are some Western capitalists. Why are they in such a hurry? To make up for time they lost in virus protection and first response. And now – again – China is more than just one step ahead. Fukn sore losers is what they are.

Anyone still doubting that this will be “The Asian Century”?

I’m sorry for everybody losing their jobs over this, it’s not your fault people. It’s again bad planning by the gov’mt, corruption and greed … and your lack of unionising, fighting spirit and employees’ rights. See, from time to time a little peak across the pond can be quite enlightening. Look at France: Whenever any industrialists or politicians are trying to make the life of the people harder and poorer BOOM: General Strike!

They are not to be fuked with!

Ok, so you’re to blame too, at least for a little bit. All these things you should have fought for and set in stone, like, 100 years ago!

You almost had it, girlfrens!

Ok, back from my wet socialist dreams, to the reality of 2020. Frens, I personally don’t see any lifts of the current lockdown anytime soon. We all should get comfortable with being uncomfortable for quite some time to come.

Diary: Semi-comatose condition unchanged, I’m tired but keeping up. This never-quite-there state of being helps keeping the ants in the ass at bay, and eventual states of anxiety numbed and tranquil again.

Had to throw away two ready-made portions of, usually yummy, Mac n Cheese with bacon from the deli, because the sauce went bad in the fridge. 😦 That would have been dinner for two days for us. Fuk. :/

Streets in my ‘hood are nice and empty right now. Good driving. 🙂

Anyway, for cabin fever sufferer me it also means I’ll get to drive Oubaas around two days earlier than planned. I love that old wreck soooooo!!! So maybe the next haul will take place on Monday already. Vrooom vroom. 😉

Shopping Sandown road
Although at Foodlover’s Market is always lotsa action. :/

Have a healthy day guys!


PS: If you wanna keep your computer as healthy and virus-free as your body, switch to Linux! 🙂



  1. Enjoy going out!
    I’m now treated to a daily psycho drama from the neighborkid and her mom. Neither has coping, nor adulting, skills and the fights are getting bigger. It would be entertaining if not for my fear of it becoming violent.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my, that doesn’t sound like the slightly eerie and gloomy, yet peacefully quiet atmosphere we’d come to expect from the lockdown. Even the two noisiest neighbour families have fallen silent in the last couple days, and not even the kidz are playing outside anymore. In the first few days, school was off already but lockdown not fully engaged, the whole complex was a hubbub of kids’ activities. No longer now!

      Even the cats n dogs have gone silent, and the one neighbour with his car alarm that sounds off every ten seconds has obviously disconnected his battery.

      Fortunately we’ve all got fibre (at least the famiies who can still afford such follies) and that’s helping keeping the kids entertained I guess. Compared to the townships and settlements this is an idyll of serene quietness. No mass shootings, no police actions, no emergency medics. So far we can’t complain about the way our host country and culture is treating us. And this is only a lower middleclass area.

      And going out … hm. :/ We’ve still got plenty enough food in the fridge to survive another week without having to start a big haulage. 😐


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