Thar She Blows! was Nominated for the Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award!

Oh wow!

Francisco Bravo Cabrera of my new favourite art blog Omnia Caelum did just nominate me among other blogs for this award!

So what now? Guys, you know what a social spaz me is and how human stuff like this goes way above my noggin. 😐 Any of you guys eve been nominated for some blogger award? Help me out please.

What am I suppoed to do now? Answer the same questionaire like Francisco did? Nominate a bunch of other blogs? Is there are time restrictions, some official committee? And who the fuk is/was Vincent Ehindero?

Uh, ok, as an old netizen I should be able to find that out by myself, no?

Do I have to read it all?


Those awards are just, like, uh … social popularity contests or stuff, ya? Dunno what to do. Oh man. Now I’m stressed. 😮 I mean, not that I haven’t earned some recognition for my childishly unfocused wannabeblogthingy, but wow … do I feel the pressure now. 😮

Okayyyy, first action: Log off, make lunch! And later coming to terms with my new status as international rockporn star. =^.^=



    • Thank you Tangie.
      I guess I will not accept the award. I’m not a fan of these social games and popularity contests. My blog is much too specialized for greater recognition and awards and all that childish stuff. For now I just refuse to think about it and will cconveniently forget about my nomination. =^.^=


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