Prison: Day 27


headacheAnother fretful night on the sofa, spent with headaches from resting my head wrongly, bad posture, and a lack of yoga practice. Tucked hubby in at 2:00 a.m. and started my blogging day with 2 reblogs.

Very creative, haha! 😐

My bad conscious was made worse by the fact that both articles I reblogged were about arts and creativity. Fuk man, I always thought of myself as kinda creative person. Not an artist in any way, mind you, but somehow creative. Failed writer, medium successful pro photog, all I have to show is a collection of old old press snippets with my photos and a weird blog that lost its way and direction long ago and only exists in the fleeting reality of the interwebz. :/ And some memories of days past and all the shit I did wrong.

However, freshly nurtured with my lemon water and two headache pills (why only take one when you can have two?) and all the mails that arrived during my blackout taken care of, and inspired by Francisco Bravo Cabrera’s blog, I’m sooo ready to grab the fresh new day by its horns and start my daily dawn patrol now. Like nownow.

Hmmmm … but I don’t know if I’m really ready for the new day when I was just getting used to the idea of having night thoughts. Thanks to Francisco I’m feeling jazzy now, not surfy. Know what I mean? But no, the moment has gone, “in the kitchen eggs stare at the ceiling” and I let them.

Welcome back to reality.

Like every day I hope you made it through the night okay, have not mutated into shrooms or vegetables and are ready to face yet another day of sweet nothing.

Let’s all stay healthy boyz n gurlz



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