Rarely ever have paintings and words mixed and collaborated as perfectly as in Francisco Bravo Cabrera’s blog.

His paintings and poems are jazz music, made visible.


Omnia Caelum... Poetry, Art, Music

(“Los Maravillosos” original drawing by FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia, graphite and India ink on paper, private collection Spain, All Rights Reserved C.2020)

Now that we can stay in bed all day,

when night and sandwiches are stored

in plastic bags,

and in the kitchen eggs stare at the ceiling,

we must conclude, sans doute, that we are mad…

Now that we are reaching for the shower,

while raindrops cool the fresh baked morning bread,

the clock down in the basement has lost hours,

the cat is oh so still, I think she’s dead…

Now that all our friends have learned to salsa,

ballroom dancing we have learned instead,

you know that I should lead as I’m the alpha,

and you have turned translucent, garnet red…

Now that I can kiss you slow and tender,

when the cashier smiles at me and says,

flowers for immaculate pretenders,

I offer you…

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