Prison: Day26

Wonderful Corona-free Good Morning, fellow quarantiners!

Oh  what a night I had again, bad sleep on the sofa in the study while hubby was doing stuff on the computer. Mostly watching German TV (see why y’all need a VPN in your lifes?) but also reading a lot of political sites and watching movies from our archive. At around 3 a.m. I tucked him in … and since then I’m sitting here, manning the blog bureau. 😉

10:43 a.m. now. Am I tired? Yo betcha!

Will join hubby in bed soon but am too excited right now. I still don’t really get it what happens in the world, that we’re all in this together. North- and south Americans, Africans, Eurasians, Pacificans, fukn everybody!

Apart together

Anyhoo, I was just about to start the dawn patrol, as usually with a look at DistroWatch and their pretty meaningless charts. And as I do this from time to time, why don’t we have  a look at it together? See what changed …

The Top of the Pops!

What do we see there?

Glad you asked. Let me explain:

Really interesting are actually only the Top 3, MXManjaro and Mint. MX as the superduper stable Debian, a system you can run your unkaputtable server farm on; Manjaro as the sexy n00b friendly wannabe ArchLinux and Mint as the all around good guy. Covered all the needs in the top 3 distros! All you’d ever want. No wonder there haven’t been any earthquakes recently. All three are very good distros and almost perfectly covering their respective uses.

So why do I show you the Top 40?

Because reasons!

Those reasons are the ranks #23, #24 and #31. EndeavourOS is my personal distro since yesterday and I chose it because I’m by now a bit too advanced for Manjaro. I enjoy Endeavour’s closeness to vanilla Arch and less compromising stance. It’s even more up-to-date than Manjaro and causes less problem. At least for me.

On #31 we find the nearly identical Archman, which was my daily runner until, like, two days ago.

Of more importance for you, if you’re new to Linux, is #24, Sparky Linux. Friends, this is it! A small and humble Debian-based distro, just like MX, but simpler, comes with more desktops to choose from, less clutter and bloat, super duper fast and leaves you the fuk alone. Sparky is very similar to Mint’s LMDE version but less of a nanny state.

For my taste #23 and 24 are more than capable replacements for the Top 3: Sparky replaces #1 and 3, and Endeavour clearly outclasses Manjaro!

As always this is just my subjective opinion, and Endeavour can not replace Manjaro in n00b-friendlyness. But I believe that Sparky’s desktops are as easy to use as Mint’s, yet with Debian’s legendary stability. And let’s not forget: With MX you’re locked in to Xfce and in LMDE you only get Cinnamon. With Sparky otoh you have the choice of ten (10!!!) desktops and window managers. Among them Xfce, no Cinnamon but its better twin, Mate. And hey, if you really have the hots for Cinnamon, well, LMDE is always a very good choice.

Too cool to be sexy?

Ok, back on topic:

Still enuff eaties and drinkies in the fridge for at least another week of self-isolation and hermitage. We’re doing considerably well and my incoherent waffling ain’t worse than usual. =^.^=

Stay healthy guys. Stay frosty, don’t get sick, eat your vegetables, wash your hands and … for fux sake STAY AT HOME!!! If you don’t have any essential reasons to go out – stay put!

And do like me and try to catch some sleep!




  1. I proudly got LOTS of sleep. Then had a Star*ucks triple energy drink at 10am and got all kinds of wakkadoodle. Now on my 3rd mega 100proof vodka with Dr Pepper (1:35am) and just starting to come down. Frontier will be back around 9am to re-attempt my FiOS hookup… I’m not sure I’ll sleep before then. Is there crack in the triple energy drink? Shouldn’t I have crashed by now?????

    Liked by 1 person

    • If I was sposed to be hooked up to fibre I coudn’t sleep neither. It’s gonna be great, I can promise you that!
      Have fun and stay healthy


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