Linden Lab’s Environment Enhancement Project

Photo: Inara Pey

Q: Why does the Earth rise or set over the Blake Sea in Second Life?

A: Because EEP, that’s why.

Read following articles by her ladyship Inara Pey:

Linden Lab releases EEP – the Environment Enhancement Project

Environment Enhancement Project: a primer

Tutorial: Environment Enhancements Project (EEP)

Watch the video all the way to the end if you always wished Patch Linden to the moon. =^.^= 

For old grumpy me this sounds like yet another “improvement”, a new shiny, nobody had asked for, while sim crossings and thousands of other smaller and bigger everyday problems will probably remain with us for eternity and unanswered. I can kinda understand the Lindens, working on maintenance and upkeep and real evolution of the grid isn’t sexy at all but hard meticulous labour. Wading kneedeep through a swamp of outdated code must be messy af. And those youngsters in The Lab’s server room can’t be bothered to put real work into a product they never really cared to understand. :/


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