Prison: Day 24, 25

Nothing of consequence happened yesterday. And no greater plans for today neither.

We done here, kthxbai



Nawww, not that I was lying above, as indeed nothing happend and we didn’t make anything happen neither. I guess everybody in lockdown – and who isn’t – can agree that well in week 4 you’re slowly running out of setting new milestones and repairs to do and maintenance and exciting shit to do. Our lives are really degenerating into just keeping our physical shells functional by adding food and drink and keeping warm and clean.

And also:

That’s it.

Life as usual for Orca and hubby. 😉

Still I guess I must write a new entry for my Corona diary … and hah! Found one:

You remember how yesterday I was about to wipe EndeavourOS off GagaMore’s SSD and install Archman again. Told hubby about my plan and he was like “Hell no!” The night before he did some finetuning to my system, as he always does and told me I mustn’t give up so qickly, so easily. And that I can’t be a quitter.

My objection that I also quit smoking and he was more than okay with that, only got a sick groan out of him. So, yes, okok, it’s decided. I’m sticking with Endeavour now, and hubby, with his angelic patience will help me getting all the missing language packs installed. first smurf into the kitchen and cobble up some fruit yoghurt or sumfink.

Cool, sometimes I like working with hubby on projects. We’re good at it, if we don’t get into fights, which we inevitably always do. 😮 And, guys, I can tell you already, the result will be spectacularly lean and mean. Exactly what any computer user wants to achieve. Partcularly Linux users: A system without any bloat! Nothing on the computer without its purpose, no extra weight.

Even lighter than the already a bit anemic Archman.

Nice web presence

And one more correction: As I’ve just learned Endeavour isn’t made in USA but in The Netherlands. Even better!

But will Endeavour ever make it into my list of recomendations?

No. Far from. As nifty as it is, if two grown up adults are needed to force Endeavour into submission and knead this distro into a usable state I can’t and won’t recommend it for n00bs … and not for medium advanced users like this blogger neither.

Archman is more comfy. It’s better suited for your first foray into ArchLinux derivatives. Or, no, not even Archman. If you curious about Archy stuff, do what everybody does: Manjaro! But anyway, if you’re, like, totally new and wanna install your first Linux, please, I can really recommend Sparky Linux. It’s not as famous as Linux Mint, but

6:41 a.m. Orca Flotta

equally as good. Nay, even betterer, since based on Debian. You install your Sparky in a whim and start to use it right away. No shitty nanny stuff weighing you down. You’re new on Linux But you’re not new on life, are you? Not a fukn toddler in need of chaperoning … on your own fukn computer!!! Fuksake, man. :/

Soooo, now what? It’s 6:41 a.m. and I’m half-awake, half broccoli. Time to consume some YouTube methinks.

Laterz guys, and don’t forget to wash your hands … and stay healthy




    • Hunny, I’m quasi pensioner since 1999, for me not much has changed in lockdown but the feeling. It’s weird now that we just can’t go out and do whatever and everyone’s wearing masks the whole life went toppsy turvy … event though it really didn’t. 😐

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      • Yup even though I agree here. I work from home full time d over a year now and I’m used to it. Being at home. But yep this feels so different.
        That weird feeling dit’s with me because I think hang in a minute, I have to carry on as normal but it’s not normal. Like huh
        Yeah life is odd but essentially we are still lucky in life. I don’t moan about it because I can’t.
        I’ve got a roof over my head and good. So I look at others going batshit crazy and wonder if they ever think hang in a minute. Reality check, still luckier that others.
        By the end of this I may actually need sectioning as I talk in all my voices now as habit lol

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        • You talk in various voices?

          Oh yes, Marika and Thelma. Never a dull moment I guess. Cool, so you never be alone. 🙂

          See, I think why so many people are afraid of the qurantine is because they be extroverts to an extreme. They must have other people around in order to function, they can’t stand being alone.

          I, otoh, strive to be alone, I blossom on my own. Also I’m fukn married. Dunno how that could ever happen but it has and now I have to share my life with another human being. Since 23 fukn years! Doing ok so far I guess. 😉

          And I guess this is why the Covid-19 situation is so weird for me. Usually I have my daily escape, can drive around for some hours through the beautiful hinterland and/or go shopping and whatnot. And now I’m housebound 24/7. 😮

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          • Yup know the feeling. I had a melt down this morning in video Skype with colleagues and for ten mins I lost my sense of humour and burst out crying. I’ve now booked off rest of the week to avoid further melts and just do me.
            I’m not used to someone here constantly. I choose alone and it’s my way of processing stuff. So I know the feeling 😊

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