Sophie Ellis-Bextor is in Lockdown

But still supplying us with groovy disco dance tracks, live from her living room:

Richard: “How many children do we want?”

Sophie: “Yes!”

Only woman in the whole world who believably, and totally unironically has multiple glitter costumes in the wardrobe and a disco ball in the lounge … and gets away with it. Because you never know when you need them for streaming dance parties live from the privacy of your home.

Abba and S. Ellis-Bextor are the only dance musicians headbanging hard core stoner rock jazz fraggle me can appreciate.

Wow, week 4 already – thanks for joining us you crazy cats. All the usual mixture of music and mayhem plus Richard finally trod on the baby (but he’s fine) X

Wot, you don’t know who Sophie Ellis-Bextor is?

Ring a bell? First song ever on Apple’s iPod prototype.

  “2020: cough near someone in a club

Its Murder on the dancefloor”

~ John Doherty

“Only Sophie Ellis-Baxtor can pull off green glittery eyeshadow and red lipstick and manage to not look like the Joker” ~ Rogerina Taylor

Ok, that was fun. Now back to real music. =^.^=



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