Moving Out of My New Home

… back into my old home. 😐

Yes, my enchantment with EndeavourOS didn’t last long. There are some small naggles I have, nothing bad, nothing I couldn’t fix with time and patience. And while I’ve got heaps of the first, I got none of the latter. And why should I? Reinstall of Archman will only take some minutes. That’s much better than geeking out  for hours over small shit.

Wanna see some of the small shit? Here …


Here you  can see the right side of my Mate panel. What you don’t see is the symbol showing me when updates are available. No biggie, as I said already. I could just from time to time start an update process via terminal. Linux is cool and comfy if you want. Or a cruel DIY system with lots of fuckery. And Arch is one of those distros that want you to operate manually and think for yourself!

But hey, I’m a spoiled ArchLinux user and demand some amount of automation and easypeasyness.


And this is the universally beloved Thunderbird email client. I guess 99.9% of you guys are using the same program, no? Mine is weirdly in English. Before you ask: Of course I installed Endeavor in German. Fuksake, my keyboard is German and … I’m German, too. Everything in my system talks German but the fukn mailer. And now I know why: Thunderbird wasn’t installed right outta the box but I had to do it myself.

That’s cool and all and I prefer an empty base system over a bloated one. Unfortunately I didn’t find an option to install Firefuck in German. Don’t get me wrong please, I operate my mailer with muscle memory, and I understand a little bit English, I don’t need a German menu. So again this ain’t a dealbreaker.

Still, Archman never ever gave me any probs, so why not go back “home”?

And, guys, particularly all of you wanting to install Archman GNU/Linux: If you seriously wanna copy your favourite bloggerista, please be advised you’ll find the Mate flavour not in 2019-11-06 anymore but in the ISO file 2020-03-13.

So a bit later today I’m gonna start another action day here in my little computer lab.

Cheers folks




    • Yes, they are, like, conjoined twins. Only the American twin looks much better on paper and the Turkish one is chaotic and illogical and a bit of a sociopath … but werkz! 🙂

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