Bolshoi Did It Again

On their virtual programme from tonight on and for the next two days: SPARTACUS!

Slave Spartacus and his slavegurl

And I can tell you guys, this is a whole step up from Il Corsaro. Aram Khachaturian composed wonderful music, with much more schwing and pomp for this spectacle.

Roman general and his fancy bish

Even totally uncultivated Orca was able to interpret what was going on. The whole topic of freeing the slaves is kinda commie, right? No wonder the soviets made a ballet from the Spartacus saga … some years before Hollywood came up with their own version.

Spartacus and Roman are taking it to the street

Although I enjoyed Il Corsaro on Wednesday, today was even much besterer.

“Shoot, you are only going to kill a man.” ~ Ernesto “Che” Spartacus

And, as if there was ever any doubt, the Bolshoi theatre is closed now and the famous twinkle toes are in lockdown like the rest of us less celestial beings.

Here’s the proof:

Spartacus and his gang of unruly slaves
Fancy Roman sex orgy bishes. I guess they’re all playing in SL’s various adult regions as well. 😉
*SPROINNNNG!!!* Cue Van Halen’s Jump here!
Romans were the most gay army in the world. I mean, just look at them. 😉
Mr and Missus Spartacus
Fancy Roman bish’s solo

Next up on the 21st: Concert of soloists of the opera and orchestra. This is top notch stuff. Not to be missed!



    • Ah, good to know. AFAIK Bolshoi haven opened their lockdown programme with Swan Lake, and we missed it. It’s such an iconic piece. 😦 Will look for the Matthew Bourne version now. Thank you …


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