What Became of ‘Picard’?

Uhm … I’ll be frank with y’all: I gave up on that awkward, boring shit halfways through the first – and hopefully last – season. What they did to one of the most beloved Star Trek characters was treacherous and cringeworthy. He’s just an old geezer now who’s fallen out of step.


No, it’s not going in my cringe compilation, it went right into my trashcan. Bubai! 😦

And Picard once was such a cool captain. See this example:





  1. I know. Watching it made me feel very sad and deflated. I often felt myself twitching, wanting to jump up and catch the actor before he fell over. Because he always seemed like he was about to just fall over. Crying for my own lost youth, too, of course. Time is the nemesis of us all.

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    • Very true Stacey, very true. But, hey you’re still young and full of fight.

      And I’m at an age where I stopped caring about much stuff, which is unbelievably liberating. Ever since I passed the big five-oh I can be awkward af and have fun while all the young’uns are like *shriek, act your age, you old crow!

      No, I won’t! πŸ˜‰

      No, I’m not too old to discuss Linux systems. Smartphones, yes. I’ll never understand those stupid things but laptops and desktops and operating systems? Bring it on baby!

      What, too old to drive a 52 y/o frankensteined van? Hey, that thing is 2 years younger than me, I grew up with these things, saw them blossom and die. So don’t anybody tell me I can’t resurrect and drive one of those!

      I can’t be a fan of Star Trek since I’m a woman and much too old for SciFi? Maybe.
      Yet here we are. πŸ˜‰

      In so far I can understand that Picard, respectively his actor, is a bit frail these days. Man is 80 fukn years old! But whoever thought he’d still make a good starship captain shoulda hired better screenplay writers.

      In my version Picard would go to the loo at most inconvenient times, since prostate problems. And I would show him with all the usual old man probs, back and hip pains n stuff. This can be quite entertaining in and by itself. And have him freaking and getting angry and shouting at the world when shit happens too fast for him, not being patient and passive like the Picard they’re showing us.

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  2. Yeah, yeah,yeah. That would be a more acceptable Picard, for sure. Let’s be realistic, folks!
    I also couldn’t tell if you were joking or not. Yes, I AM still young…at heart. And still full of fight. But I’m several years older than you. Although mentally and emotionally 25, of course, ha ha. That’ll never change.

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    • Oh, ok. I’m more, like, 16 at best. Hubby says I’m 13, on the cusp of 14, becoming a young lady soon. All our friends call him “childrenfucker”. I’m 53 ffs!!!
      But to be honest I’m really kinda younger than most our friends, the fledgling of the gaggle. 😐

      But anyway, CBS could’ve done so much better with Picard. It was their chance to drag the stuck ST vehicle out of the swamp. But they totally mucked it up. I’d kill to be a screenwriter in Hollywood these days. Never did anything like that. Once, with another writer we made a treatment for a German TV series, but never wrote a screenplay. Nevertheless I think I’d do better than the writers they are using now.

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  3. I’m the one who mentioned that show to you, Orca, and I’m embarrassed I did. The first 2-3 shows were pretty good and this is the time I suggested you watch that thing but in the end, I still haven’t been able to grind through the whole season.

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    • Don’t be ashamed Lez! You can’t help it that you’re not hetero, it’s not your fault. If anything, it makes you even more adorable.
      Oh that Picard thing? Yes, indeed, shame on you! As punishment you’ve gotta watch this:

      I’m a cruel Mistress, ain’t I?

      No, honestly, after the first episode I thought I was watching something totally different than Nerdrotic:

      But in the end Gary was right about Picard. What a fukn shitshow. 😐


  4. Felt cheated in the end because the Romulans were right all along and that made them the good guys. Picard instead was driven by emotion and his past relationship with Data. And the end face-off was simply a bad CGI without any real tactics that Captain Picard in the past would have deployed.

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    • I can’t really say, having abandoned Picard after 3 or 4 or 5 episodes. But was there aver a doubt about the Romulans being right? Of all the alien races they are by far the most sexy and wild. Always a plus in my book. πŸ™‚

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