Prison: Day 23

Very early  good  morning Corona survivors!

Yesterday I tried something new while I was out shopping for essentials, something I’m usally much too grumpy for. I told the cashier and the bagger “Thank you for working!”

Virus Outbreak South Africa
Professional danger seekers

I guess that’s something we – or at least I – tend to forget. All the people still working in supermarkets and convenience stores, yes, they should be lucky for still having a job, but they are also the people helping our society staying afloat without too many inconveniences. They keep us, quite literally save from starvation. Because we spoiled urbanites, what will we eat after we killed our cats and dogs?

That’s where the supermarkets and groceries come into play.

Grilled katzu anybody?

The cashiers are just the visible part of a long supply chain from farms and abbatoirs, via warehouses and fleets of lorries, to the point of sale, the point of contact. Contact with a maybe already infected public. If I had a penchant for the dramatique I could say those girls are risking their own lifes just so Orca and hubby can have their kibbles tonight.

African supply chain

That’s why I thought a Thank You is in order. And I can’t say, since reading faces behind our masks is not so easy, but I guess their voices sounded friendlier than usual when they wished me a nice weekend.

Stay happy, stay healthy!

And a heartfelt Thank You to all readers of Thar She Blows! from me, Lucy, Bianca and other contributors, for still reading this silly little pamphlet during such troubled times.

Stay safe, stay sane, wash your hands and eat your veggies (brought to you by noble and valueable martyrs)




    • Naaw, fortunately for the rest of the world, and for hubby’s sake, I’m kinda unicum.

      But this blog is made by more than one person if that’s what you’re asking. Lucy and Bianca are Race Directrices at TrYC and report about their own races and publish the results lists. And every time you find something about Brasil it’s most probably written by Lucy.

      And then there are 2 or 3 more associates, but they be lazy. :/

      Stay healthy Meri, and wash your friggin hands 🙂


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