Is It Bad? Yes, Very Bad! :(

It’s okay to be afraid and a bit more careful

150,000 of us fuckers are already gone. And some experts are saying COVID-19 is still in its opening phase. Yes, in China they have even stopped testing coz they couldn’t find any infected persons anymore but China is not like every other country. After trying to keep it hush hush in the beginning, they took swift action and did everything correct. And it looks like they beat the virus for good.

China has approved two more experimental coronavirus vaccines for human trials. Photo: Xinhua

Okay, most western countries neither have the plans and not the financial nor the material means to fight the Coronavirus effectively. But we, every single one of us, we can save humanity! It’s easy. Just stay home. Love each other, play boardgames, paint a picture, write The Novel of the 21st Century, learn Spanish, learn Mandarin or Japanese but don’t learn German, the virus won’t last that long! Or just watch every last video on YouTube, download dozens of Linux ISO files, start meaningless fights with strangers on political forums, make new facemasks, clean out the attic/garage, paint the walls, wash your hands or, when totally bereft of any meaningful ideas, start a blog … just keep busy!

Let’s fight the virus!

Hollywood Covid-19 facemask is quickly cobbled together

We westerners are too precious to care so much. And when even bonafide world leaders refuse to take  the pandemic any seriously – cuz bad for business – then we’ll need far longer than the Chinese and will suffer far more victims, too.

Yes, Japan’s bad, too. 😦

Think and say what you want guys, your little blogbishie won’t set a foot outside the house until the fridge is positively empty filled with negative space! 😐
There’s a can, probably containing food of sorts. No reason to leave the house for the next 3 days. 😉

Talking about a virus pandemic and Japan …

Fukkatsu no hi (1980)
Expect the O@tM for this splendid movie soon






P.S.: Ok, before you ask: I have no idea why they store a can with conserved food in the refrigerator. Obviously artistic licence. 😉



    • I guess it’s a prop, available at professional photographer’s supply store. And I’m not even kidding.
      Naw, it’s real food, and answering your question: Photogs are doing it, that’s who.

      Stay healthy Becca


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