My New Home

Is almost like my old home:


Peeps, this is indeed a brandnew, freshly installed EndeavourOS on my recent production machine, Gagamore. Apart from Endeavour’s standard wallpaper it looks identical to my old Archman distro, no? Ya, well, no matter if Archman or Endeavour, apart from minimal extras here and there both distros are bog standard vanilla Arch after installation.

So why did I switch? Because Endeavour speaks, contrary to Archman, English, which makes things more easy when you need help from the forum. And some more petty stuffs here and there.

Anyhoo, almost done with the move, cya latex




    • Yeah, as much as I enjoyed my time on Archman. Thx Renard. They are quite literally the same. Only Endeavour is even closer to Arch and has absolutely no bells and whistles. And I need to install every piece of software by myself, which is great since … no bloat!

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    • Neil, you’re the first person ever stating the outdated Mate desktop looks nice. 🙂 But Endeavour gives you choice, which is great: Right out of the box you get to choose between 8 desktops and window managers … all from the same ISO. No more guessing games like in Archman, just pick from a list.


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