My Apologies :/

Sorry guys,

didn’t I promise you the Verdi Opera  Il Corsaro? As it turned out I was plenty stupid as the Bolshoi theatre did what they probably do best and showed us Le Corsaire’s ballet version. 😮


Now I know ballet isn’t everyone’s favourite cultural entertainment, mine neither, and most of us would prefer a swinging Verdi opera with hit melodies and drama and pathos galore, over some skinny doves with damaged joints and ruined tendons, thrown around by gay dancers who are gay.

I didn’t mind and enjoyed the show tremendously. And I hope you did as well. You better had since strictly no refunds! =^.^=


Next show at the same time on Saturday the 18.04.20: Spartacus!



  1. I actually watched about half of it, until it became same old same old for me. It was beautiful though 🙂 Guess i’m not the artsy fartsy type. Thank you though for bringing some culture into my lone stay-at-home activities.

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    • “bringing some culture into my lone stay-at-home activities.”

      Yes, Becca, I guess that is exactly the idea of the Bolshoi theatre, giving us some taste of their performances for free while they are blocked from doing it live. And since they have quite an extended video library they obviously thought why not showing a greater amount of people what we do with their tax money? 😉

      I stayed to the end coz had nothing better to do. 😉

      And, yes, I have no clue about ballet neither, must’ve been the only girl at school neither into ballet nor into horses but boats and surfboards, camper vans and rock music, I was looking forward to a nifty Verdi opera. What we got instead was a pretty average ballet with music assembled from various composers, a vehicle to show of the talents of the ensemble.

      I’ll try again though when they give us Spartacus on Saturday.

      Shit that we missed famous Swan lake, which opened the Covid-19 special. That’s as famous and renown a ballet as one can imagine. Everybody knows the music and the dance figures in it. Kinda Bolshoi’s trademark thing. Too bad the performances will only stay online for 24 hours. :/

      Anyhoo, how anyone wants to supress and make war on a country that is as rich in culture as Russia will never cease to baffle me. Even their murders are kinda cute: Headlines made a case where a drunk shot dead anoher drunkard when they got in a very heated argument about Tolstoi’s literary quality. 😮
      That alone is on a whole different level of quality than the typical western murders about mundane shit like girls and money. Haha!

      “The vodka made me do it!”


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