Endeavour OS: Better, Much Better

Ohayo, my lovely Linux and ArchLinux friends!

You might remember a few weeks ago I installed Endeavour and was everything but satisfied with it. For a OS that’s sposed to be Antergos’ successor it completely missed ths mark by only offering one desktop environment, took forever to install and was all kinds of buggy.

That. Or Orca made a mistake, which is always a very possible explainification when something fails. Doesn’t matter now, my verdict about Endeavour OS was “Not Yet Ready for the Primetime”.

That all has changed now. Just last Saturday the Endeavour guys dropped a new ISO for download, 2020.04.11. And, dunno what happened, either Orca was cleverer this time or the new snapshot was sooo much improved and betterer than the old one. Everything was just a breeze.

I really gotta show you this now:

Goodness starts right at the start screen. Nice and in technicolor! We see a considerable effort has been made.
Next awesomeness: 10 DEs to choose from, plus Printing Suport, Accessibility Tools and NVIDIA Drivers. Super Duper! From here we start the baby easy installer, based on Calamares.
One of the awesomerer Welcome boxes. It contains everything you need after installation has concluded. After you’re done with it, you can close it until the next system start or forever. Old Arch fangurls kiss this thing goodbye without even trying everything. Still good its there.
Typical ArchLinux: Endeavour supplies all the desktops in their most basic and standard appearence. My beloved Mate looks shockingly bereft of everything good.
Before diving into customization n stuff I use the only preinstalled software, Firefox webbrowser, to surf to the OrcaBlog and set it up as startpage.
Here we are. Orcablog is life, Orcablog is love! 🙂
Next step: AUR and install Singularity Second Life viewer.
Perfect: OhOrca Oh 2 seconds after log-in.
A minute later she’s ready to play, even on shitty Intel onboard graphics.
Endeavour 24 – Archman 33

Hmm, by now I’ve forgotten how many things I had to do and install by myself after install of my recent system, Archman GNU/Linux. I guess it wasn’t much friendlier or better equipped. Only one point, a thing I ddn’t even like: Archman is out of the box made to be installed in a virtual machine. Might be good and practical for many people, for basic bitch Orca who installs everything onto dedicated machines it’s just needless bloat.

What else? Endeavour took, like, 30 – 40 minutes to install. Just like its spiritual predeccessor Antergos, who’s installation process also took very long. Doesn’t matter, since you know how it is with Arch: Install once – roll into eternity. So half an hour longer for a basic install process is no time compared to its lifelong usefulness.

Honestly, once I have the desktop modded to my personal prefernces and all my often used softwares installed, there won’t be much of a difference between Endeavour and Archman, if any at all! 😮 Both systems are 100% Arch compatible and other than coming withn a desktop/window manager right out of the box, they are by all means and purposes pure vanilla ArchLinux. Which is great if you know a little bit about Linux. At least enough to install your softwares yourself. Once you can do that you’re golden and can use both distros as easy peasy stable everyday mom n pop operating systems.

I’ll have to play on Endeavour some more, spend serious time with it before I can decide which one I like better. As I said they should be identical, as they are runninmg on nearly identical hardware and are sposedly just Arch installers.

We’ll see.

I can Imagine finding a better, more usable forum with Endeavor since Archman’s is very Turkey-biased. Of course for my Turkish speaking readers Archman’s the better choice, the rest will show in long-term test.

Indeed does the Endeavour forum cater better for Anglophone users than Archman.

And another point goes to Endeavour since it’s on rank #24, vs Archman on #33. Yes, I know the DistroWatch ranking has no meaning but it shows us a trend … kindasorta. 😉

Right now I feel like installing Endeavour on GagaMore for good. It seems to have a very slight advantage over Archman. Otoh I’m in lockdown mode and writing this post was already very exhaustive and all I’m able to do today. 😦

If you’re like me, you just wanna watcn TV and let everything just wash over you. Here you go:

Tom sets up Archlabs vs Endeavour and … Endeavour wins!

Old man Eznix reviewed the new Endeavour version. Very interesting view.

I canceled Total OS Today a long time ago, since he’s predominantly a Windows user. But he made a nice Endeavour video.



    • Oh shit. Is it your connection maybe? I didn’t have any probs. Lemme try it again quickly. Latest 202004Xfce: No problemo.

      Buuuut! I guess Endeavour is the better option anyway.
      In the end it’s like an identical twin, just easier to find the desktop you want (since you install them all from the same ISO) and install and with even less ballast. And Endeavour speaks Anglisi not Turkiye. ^.^ And it’s 9 places higher up the world’s most useless chart. 😉

      I’m gonna switch over tomorrow.


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